Start Your Own Radio Or TV Station

Did you know that there are several ways that you can start your own radio or TV station for free or with very little knowledge? The Federal Communications Commission makes it difficult to get an amateur or professional radio license because of all the fees and tests required to demonstrate proficiency. However, as technology changes this become more of a non-factor than anything. To be honest, the Federal Communications Commission is in a dogfight that might threaten their long-term relevancy, thanks to new forms of technology that put the rights in the hands of the users rather than the broadcasting corporations.

If you want to start an amateur radio station, then you have to go through the gatekeepers of the industry, but if you start one online then you have no one to worry about. Thanks to internet technology, you simply have to download some software, choose your format and name, and get started. There is no license or expensive equipment to worry about either, and although sometimes you might have to pay a small fee to get started, generally it is insignificant in relation to the red tape and fees that the FCC would force you to follow.

The same is also true for starting your own TV program on the internet. Rather than worry about trying to get a show picked up for public television, you can broadcast from your own .TV domain for free. Internet TV is really picking up steam and a lot of people are starting to catch on to the fact that the internet is free from regulation and therefore is a great place to broadcast anything you want for free.

All you need is a camera and a microphone and you can have your own radio or TV station for free in as little as a few hours. Radio and TV law makes it difficult for the little guy to find their way into the broadcasting niche, but the internet changes all that for the better. The best part of this is that currently this is just finding its way to the forefront and therefore the internet is still wide open. Eventually, I predict that .radio domains will also open up for the amateur broadcaster, making it even easier to get noticed.

Although the FCC serves an important task in regulating and maintaining media frequencies, it also does a good job of keep the little guy from being able to participate. If they are able to legally license frequencies, then it is nearly impossible for someone to find a way to broadcast legally on their own. Thanks to the internet though, this is no longer a worry and the FCC will eventually be forced to change in order to stay relevant. This can only benefit the little guy that wants nothing more than access to a few additional frequencies. In the meantime, consider taking advantage of this loophole to do your own radio or television broadcasts for free from the comfort of your own computer.